Ahad, 20 Mac 2011

La Betoi ka? : Isyh susahnya nak trace mai dari sana.

dicedok dari SINI
".... It was Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew himself who brought to the attention of the late Sultan of Johore that Mahathir had written Indian Muslim in the space for race when applying to join the University of Malaya in Singapore as a medical student.

Lee gave the Sultan a copy of Mahathir’s application form.

Mahathir, we learn, was not really completely qualified to enter the university but they let him in anyway to make up the numbers.

Delving into his ethnic origins, Mahathir is forced to admit that “some Indian blood” – as an afterthought South Asian, he spins, in a botched attempt at obscuring his origin – runs in his veins “but he DOESN'T know from which part of India his people came”.

This is something very difficult to swallow considering what he clearly told JV Morais in 1982 in ‘Mahathir: A Profile in Courage’. This book tells us that Mahathir hailed on his father’s side from Kerala, Southwest India. There’s little mention of his mother’s side.
-Joe Fernandez

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